In order to preserve your jewelry for years of enjoyment follow these simple steps:

Do Not Wear Your Jewelry in Water

It’s best not wear jewelry when bathing, swimming, washing dishes, or anything that involves submerging your piece in water. Minerals and chemicals can react with the silver.

Storing Your Jewelry

Silver tarnishes with exposure to air and humidity. When finished wearing your jewelry for the day, store it in a jewelry box, or jewelry bag. This will help keep the lustre of your piece and protect it from abrasions.

Polishing Your Jewelry

Do not use any chemical, or ultrasonic cleaners on oxidized pieces, this will damage the finish. Instead, use a jewelry polishing cloth to restore the lustre of your piece.

How to Find an Accurate Ring Size

To get a true ring size please visit your local jewelry store and get a fitting.

How to Find an Accurate Bracelet Size

To determine bracelet size, follow the steps below.

  1. Using a bracelet gauge, a flexible measuring tape or a strip of paper, measure your wrist below the wrist bone – where you would normally wear your bracelet.
  2. When measuring with a strip of paper, wrap the strip around your wrist. Mark the paper at the end of the bracelet. Lay the strip flat, and measure with a ruler. This is your wrist size.
  3. To find the finished bracelet size, increase the wrist measurement by the increments listed below. These measurements will help you achieve your desired fit:

For a snug fit, add 1/4″ to 1/2″.

For a comfort fit, add 3/4″ to 1″.

For a loose fit, add 1-1/4″

How to Find an Accurate Necklace Size

Using a flexible measuring tape measure your neck, adding slack as needed to allow for comfort and style. This is your necklace measurement.