Bison Ring

The Bison ring is truly sculptural. When worn, the knuckle acts as the Bison hump.


Hand carved in sterling silver, the Bison ring is made using the lost wax casting method and measures 1 1/4″ tall by 1″ wide.


Each ring is unique, both through hand detailing and oxidization.  The Bison eyes are silver, however additional customization can be done through the option of gem inserts.  If interested in further customizing your ring, please contact to discuss options and pricing. Please see gallery for examples of silver and Peridot eyes.


This ring is handmade to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for fabrication before shipping.


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The Bison is the spirit keeper of the northern direction of the medicine wheel.

Long before Banff introduced wild Bison back into the park, I wanted to create a Bison head ring. Their re-introduction to the land gave me the strength and inspiration to carve this piece.

In First Nations culture the Bison is a sacred being that sustains life. All parts of the bison were used, but its meat was a main food source and its fur and hide were used for shelter and clothing-basically the Bison represented survival.

So important were the Bison to the existence to aboriginal peoples, that settlers systematically slaughtered them to near-extinction in an effort to starve all those who held the Bison sacred.

The Bison is seen as a very spiritual animal. Having it back in it’s natural habitat signifies hope for our people and our environment. For you, I present this ring, please enjoy.

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