Headless Trilobite Medallion

Headless Trilobite medallion, a talisman for protection, guidance and gratitude.

The Headless Trilobite medallion holds a special place in my heart. When I was hiking in the back country for 5 days. We stopped at a very special place for two nights. On our last day, I gave an offering of tobacco in the morning asking for protection and guidance throughout our journey and giving gratitude for what we got to experience and see during this hike. While filtering water that evening to my right was a small rock with some markings, I picked it up and knew it was something special. I couldn’t help but think that it was meant for me. Out of the billions of rocks around me that one showed itself. I took a positive from that rock with wax and this is what came out; a headless Trilobite.
I did further research on what people way way way back in the day would do when they came across a Trilobite fossil. From the American Museum of Natural History website, I read that tribes would wear Trilobite Fossils to ward off evil spirits. A true protector.
Even though this isn’t a “perfect Trilobite”, it is to me. I share it with you to be a talisman for protection, guidance and gratitude.

A few days later, the trail was flooded due to the 2021 heat dome and hasn’t been reopened since. Thankful for the experience and thankful we didn’t experience the flooding.

This hand polished and oxidized sterling silver medallion measures 1″ in diameter. This pendant comes on a 26″ sterling silver cable chain.

This is a made to order item, please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping for creation.


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